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Build muscle. Get lean. Feel great.

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Build muscle.

Get lean.

Feel great.

The Internet has revolutionized the fitness industry providing open access to more free resources than you could ever have imagined possible. But at the same time, the proliferation of information has left people more confused than ever. Throw in social media—which can be a minefield of negativity and criticism—and you can see why so many people struggle on their journey to a better body.

This is why coaching has always worked so well.

Gaining access to an experienced coach makes a HUGE difference to both your rate of progress and your long-term results. A good coach insulates you from all the bullshit. They assess where you’ve been and where you are now, and they set you on the path to progress. And most importantly, they keep you on the path and moving forward when life (and the internet) has you questioning everything.

Trouble is, personalized one-on-one coaching comes at a premium—a premium that is way out of reach for many people.

Let's cut to the chase

Look, I am not one to mess people around and get all pretentious about things, but one-on-one coaching is expensive.

Online it will run you anywhere from $300 to as much as $500 a month. And for in-person training, you can easily pay anything from $50-$100 bucks AN HOUR.

And if your coach or trainer is good, it’s possibly the best money you’ll spend. But we’ve been in this industry long enough to know that only a small percentage of people can justify that sort of expense.

So what if I was to tell you that for just $37/month you could get access to top-drawer health and fitness coaching?

A group experience where battle-tested training programs are delivered every month and then personalized to meet your individual needs.

Somewhere you can engage with a community of like-minded people and share in the excitement of a common training goal.

A place where you can finally get all your training, diet and mindset questions answered directly by an experienced fitness coach—NO MORE GOOGLING!

The luxury of a personal coach on retainer for little more than a dollar a day.

Well now you can!

This is why we started the Lean Living Blueprint, an online group coaching program that puts experienced coaches in your corner for a fraction of the cost of the boutique, one-on-one experience.

Not all group coaching is the same

Now, there’s every kind of coaching group for every kind of person. Some are great. Some are good. And some are just ridiculous. And the trouble with a LOT of online group training is all the filler and hyperbole.

You must have seen it, right?

Three, four and five thousand word websales-pages full of long, drawn out emotional sob-stories of how your coach went from chubby to chiseled and transformed their life. They then go on to enumerate the seventeen things you’re getting in their group, each of which carries a triple-digit value.

Total value $1,733,246… all for just $97 a month. Uh?

BUT WAIT, you just happened to have stumbled across this advertorial at the exact time we’re offering a 67% discount (cue spurious fake timer).

So if you sign-up NOW, you’ll pay just $32/month!

Yeah, we're not that.

We’re also not one of those apps that turns the joy of food into macros and tells you exactly when to put fuel in your mouth. If living life waiting for your phone to tell you when to train, eat and poop is your thing, we’re definitely not for you.

Looking to be all ALPHA and Fight Club and live your life by a secret unwritten code?

Nope, not us.

And lastly, we’re not one of those “follow my programming, diet and lifestyle” groups. Because here’s a novel idea—what’s working for me right now is not likely going to work for you! Everyone is at a different point in their journey, has different needs, different challenges, sources of stress, dietary preferences etc. etc.

It’s lunasy to think that “do exactly what I do” has any sort of long-term mileage in it.

What is the Lean Living Blueprint?

We truly believe that everyone deserves an individual coaching experience.

This is why we built the Lean Living Blueprint to feel as much like one-on-one coaching as possible. And that means giving you DIRECT communication with your coaches—Bryan and Paul—as well as access to tried and tested programming that’s personalized to meet your specific needs.

New workouts land every month and we variate the programming throughout the year as we work toward common goals.

Once inside, you’ll have access to:

DIRECT communication with your coaches, Bryan and Paul

Your personal Welcome Pack (expectation setting, training guide, principles, protocols etc.)

Exclusive Lean Living Blueprint training programs, updated monthly

Constant progression from your current level with individualized help

An incredibly supportive community of people with similar goals and challenges as you

No more Googling—we are a filter from the noise

Live Q&A/AMA sessions and hangouts

Video form critique

Exclusive member content

Bottom line: Got a question or problem? You post it and BOOM, we solve it.

Meet your coaches

Your Image

Bryan Krahn, CSCS

Bryan is a long-time personal trainer and online coach that holds a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation through the NSCA.

Bryan has also achieved high standing in the fitness industry, having written hundreds of articles for many of the leading fitness publications such as Ask Men, Men’s Health and Bodybuilding.com.

But most importantly, for more than 20 years Bryan has been helping people build the body they’ve always wanted.

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Paul Thiel, PN1, OTC

Paul is a certified online trainer with the Online Trainer Academy and holds the PN1 certification for nutrition.

For nearly thirty years, Paul was a professional manager and performance coach in the tech industry helping individuals at Silicon Valley giants like YouTube and Google achieve their goals and be the very best they can be.

And given physique transformation is a human problem, the skills learned coaching people for peak performance translate perfectly to the world of health and fitness.

A couple of things to consider

#1 The Lean Living Blueprint is not for everyone.

Our passion is helping healthy people get in GREAT shape. Folks on the 7th rung of the ladder that want to get to #9 or #10.

So if you aren’t sure what a carbohydrate is or just want to “exercise”, you’re best to look elsewhere. There are countless newbie coaches (and even free groups) that can help you make smarter food choices, at a fraction of what we charge.

Please, go now. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready.

#2 We cover more than just sets and reps

There’s a LOT more to developing a lean, healthy, aesthetic body than sets and reps.

As Bryan likes to say:

"Everything matters, so we have to address everything."

During your time in the Lean Living Blueprint, you’ll see us covering topics like:

Realistic goal setting

Food quality

Stress management

Navigating social obligations (and toxic people)

Breaking the binge / purge cycle

How to listen to your body

How to have a ton of fun and still have a life

Now some of these issues won’t have to be addressed as you could be doing an okay job at them already. Or you simply might not yet be ready to take them on.

But that’s the beauty of how we operate. We start-out slow, at your level, and begin by hitting the important targets first, like consistency, food quality, recovery and managing stress.

From there we expand. But not according to some “set in stone” plan-o-gram—we target the topics that have the greatest potential benefit to you, RIGHT NOW.

Your Call to Action

Hopefully you’re sold on the Lean Living Blueprint, and most importantly what we can do for you.

Because changing your body for the better is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

You’ll have more energy, feel healthier, and have much more confidence. You’ll also look like a million bucks, and this alone will greatly improve the quality of your life.

But you probably need help to do it.

Are you ready to have your personal coach on retainer for little more than a dollar a day?

Complete the checkout form below and we look forward to seeing you on the inside!



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